Why Spray-On Boat Liners Are Revolutionizing Marine Protection

Many people use their trucks for work, hauling supplies and assisting with transportation processes. This includes boat and barge transportation.

Corrosion is a big concern for boat owners. When metal is exposed to salt, it starts a chemical process that will eventually wear away the surface.

Pickup truck owners can’t say enough good things about spray on liners, but boats are getting in on the action too. Learn why marine ceramic coatings are revolutionizing protection on the water.

Prevents Corrosion

Corrosion is one of the biggest concerns for boat owners. When metal is exposed to salt it starts a chemical process that can wear away at the surface and eventually cause holes in your boat. Marine protection film creates an impenetrable barrier to prevent corrosion and rust from forming. It also protects against fading and discoloration caused by UV rays.

Traditional methods of marine corrosion protection like cathodic protection, painting and galvanizing require chemicals to remove dirt, grease, grime and rust before the coating can be applied. If these contaminants are not removed the zinc layer can be stripped away in harsh saltwater environments, exposing steel and making your boat susceptible to rust and corrosion.

A spray bed liner are beloved by truck owners for their rugged protective surface, and they’re now being used in boats and marine applications. They help protect against rust and corrosion, reduce maintenance time, and increase resale value. Their textured surface also helps to prevent items from shifting around during transport, and they’re easy to clean, with dirt and debris rinsing off easily and stubborn stains being easily removed with an abrasive brush and liquid cleaner.

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Prevents Scratches and Dents

Marine vessels are constantly at war with the corrosive forces of saltwater and harsh weather. Rhino Linings’ spray-applied polyurethane coatings are the front-line defense that safeguards boats and ships of all sizes and shapes from the elements.

Just like truck owners can’t get enough of the benefits of spray on bed liners, boat and marine owners are beginning to discover just how much value these coatings add. From boat hulls to decks, yachts, commercial craft and more, these protective coatings prevent damage, reduce maintenance hours and improve resale value.

Boats and ship are a significant investment and they deserve to be protected from the elements. Spray-on liners are easy to clean and have a rugged texture that enhances the appearance of any vessel.

Aside from preventing corrosion, dents and scratches, a Rhino liner also acts as a cushion between your boat and dock pilings or other vessels. It can also reduce noise levels when you move heavy items around your boat.

Easy to Clean

If you use your boat a lot, it’s likely that it will be exposed to salt water or other substances that can cause corrosion. Spray on liners form an impenetrable barrier that protects metal surfaces from the harsh effects of corrosion, allowing you to avoid costly repairs in the future.

The tough surface of a spray-on liner is also easy to clean, so you can remove debris and grime with ease. The texture of the coating prevents stains from forming, and any stubborn ones that do appear can be removed with an abrasive brush or cleaning solution.

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Pickup truck owners can’t say enough good things about spray on liners for their vehicles, and now boat owners are getting in on the action. Whether you own a small aluminum Jon boat or a large yacht, a spray-on liner can add years to your vessel’s life, minimize maintenance time and effort, and improve your resale value when it comes time to sell. Contact a dealer today to see how a spray-on liner can benefit you and your boat!


Just like truck owners have been extolling the benefits of spray on bed liners, boat owners are discovering that these durable coatings provide many other protection benefits for their vessels. These spray applied polyurethane coatings can protect against corrosion, scratching and dents while also providing a rugged look that adds aesthetic appeal to any marine craft.

A liner is great for keeping passengers and cargo safe by reducing the danger of falls, slips and other accidents. It can also help to prevent slipping when surfaces are wet which is especially important for elderly or young people aboard the vessel.

A liner is easy to clean which means that stains can be easily rinsed off or cleaned with an abrasive brush and liquid cleaner. It can even reduce noise levels by absorbing vibrations while hauling tools and equipment on the boat’s deck. In addition, it’s designed to flex with the boat which helps to prevent scratches and dents. It can even resist damage caused by bumping a trailer onto a beach or dragging it across gravel or other rough surfaces.

Increases Resale Value

While pickup truck owners can’t say enough about how much value spray on bed liners add to their vehicles, boat owners are jumping on the liner bandwagon as well. Any boat that spends time in salt or fresh water is exposed to harsh conditions that can damage and ruin the appearance of the vessel.

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Whether you coat the interior or exterior of your boat, spray on boat liner creates a tough layer of protection that can withstand scratches, dents, and stains. It also prevents corrosion, reducing maintenance costs and keeping your boat looking new.

A waterproof and chemical-resistant spray on liner is perfect for lining boats of any size. It’s also available in a variety of colors to match any type of boat. If you’re ready to protect your marine vehicle from the elements, contact your local dealer for a free estimate!