Ducted Heating Demystified: Understanding the Basics

If you’re looking to stay warm and cosy throughout winter without spending a fortune, then ducted heating could be the perfect solution. This form of central heating heats your whole home using a shared heater core instead of individual space heaters. They use less energy and offer efficiency tools like timers to help you save even more money. Depending on the system you choose, you can also designate which rooms are being heated – so you’re not using energy to heat areas of your home that you don’t need.

When your ducted gas heating system is in operation, the air inside your ducts will be warm and comfortable and will continue to do so until the thermostat recognises that it’s reached your preferred temperature. The ducted heating system will then shut off to keep your house at the ideal temperature.

A ducted heating Eltham will heat your entire house effectively and quickly, with little to no noise for you or your neighbours. The unit uses a heat exchanger that’s designed to absorb and retain the warmth, and is then distributed through ducts to rooms in your home. The ducting system will allow you to control which rooms are being heated, giving you complete flexibility and the ability to save energy costs by only heating the spaces that you’ll be using.

Unlike reverse cycle systems, ducted gas heating doesn’t lose its efficiency when the outside temperatures drop. The system is able to warm your home with minimal effort, and the flexible zoning options make it easy to heat your living spaces during the day while keeping the bedrooms cool at night.

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Ducted heating Diamond Creek also provides a different type of cosy warmth, as the system produces moist air that’s less likely to irritate the throat, eyes and skin. Combined with the flexibility of zoning, this makes it the best option for households with children and adults who suffer from allergies or respiratory conditions.

The ducted system can also be utilised for cooling in the summer months by simply switching on your reverse cycle system. This will give you the benefits of both heating and cooling in the one system, which is extremely cost effective, especially for larger homes with multiple bedrooms.

A ducted heating system and air conditioner Eltham can last for years with proper maintenance, but it’s important to note that they can start to show signs of wear and tear over the years. This is why it’s vital to get your ducted system serviced on a regular basis, as this will prevent any breakdowns and reduce your running costs in the long run. The team at Rite Price Heating & Cooling can advise on the best ducted system for your needs, as well as how to maintain the efficiency of your existing system. Contact us today for more information!